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republican presidential nominee mitt romney’ s new assertiveness on national security and taxes may have hit a couple of hurdles. in the latest development, the father of christopher stevens, the u. ambassador to libya who was killed in the sept.

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11, attack in benghazi, said over the weekend that his son’ s death shouldn’ t be an issue in the campaign. cassidy’ s count: the obama- romney map is turning blue. have showed obama gaining ground.

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even polling organizations that tend to lean republican have found the same trend. is mitt romney really gaining ground among women? a new poll shows mitt romney has improved his ratings among women, while president obama has lost ground.

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both men now have higher unfavorable. public opinion polls are moving things in mitt romney' s direction, with one expert suggesting that romney ' has peeled off some of mr. obama’ s softer support in addition to gaining ground among. president obama is in trouble.

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Willard romney gaining ground books mitt romney ( born ma) is an american politician romney gaining ground books and businessman serving as the junior united states senator from utah since january. Also, reports say there is a low. He previously served as the 70th governor of massachusetts from to and was the republican party' s nominee for president of the united states in the election.

Poll after poll shows mitt romney gaining ground almost everywhere, and gallup even has the governor ahead by two points nationally.